In 2014, an unknown illness causes nearly everyone over the age of 18 to fall into a state of blissful suspended animation from which they cannot wake.

In the wake of this disaster, the still-waking children discover the force behind the so-called “ Bliss” – an invasion of quasi-mechanical monstrosities, armed with beams and blades and poison. They bring with them the Bliss Plague, a disease that kills many children and sends still more into Bliss.

Several years after Bliss Day, a single still-waking adult has gathered a small community of children around themselves and hatches a plan to fight back against the Bliss and the monsters. This Resistance manages to acquire a sample of the living brain of one of the enemy drones, and using this specimen “reverse engineer” a method to fight them by telepathically projecting the mind of a teenage “pilot” into the psychic network the monsters use to communicate.

Within that “dream world”, the pilot can manifest his emotional connections to others in the form of a weapon – an armored knight or mecha that can face the enemy on its own terms. This ANIMa is mankind’s only hope of victory against the Bliss.

This game will run for several 2-hour sessions approximately weekly on Monday evenings (CDT).

Games are played via Hangouts/Roll20.

To learn more about Bliss Stage, visit my fansite at, or TAO Games.

Northern Cross 2021

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